Mayastäder linjerar upp med stjärnbilder... eller inte

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Mayastäder linjerar upp med stjärnbilder... eller inte

Inläggav Johannes » ons 11 maj 2016, 09:53

Detta rapporteras brett i media just nu:

15-year-old claims to have discovered a forgotten Mayan City hidden in the Mexican jungle by studying constellations
'I was really surprised and excited when I realised that the most brilliant stars of the constellations matched the largest Maya cities.’ He told The Journal of Montreal.
He is said to be the first to make the connection, which could lead to further finds.
It was in the 23rd constellation, containing three stars, that he found two matching cities on the map, suggesting one has not yet been re-discovered.
To investigate further, he used satellite images from the Canadian Space Agency and Google Earth to search the dense jungle for any signs of buildings.

Att Mayastäderna skulle vara placerade i ett mönster efter stjärnbilder låter kanske för bra för att vara sant, och så är det nog också. Gizmodo har grävt djupare:

I applaud the young kid’s effort and it’s exciting to see such interest in the ancient Maya and remote sensing technology in such a young person. However, ground-truthing is the key to remote sensing research. You have to be able to confirm what you are identifying in a satellite image or other type of scene. In this case, the rectilinear nature of the feature and the secondary vegetation growing back within it are clear signs of a relic milpa. I’d guess its been fallow for 10-15 years. This is obvious to anyone that has spent any time at all in the Maya lowlands. I hope that this young scholar will consider his pursuits at the university level so that his next discovery (and there are plenty to be made) will be a meaningful one.

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