Eugenie Scott kommer ut som anti-GMO

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Re: Eugenie Scott kommer ut som anti-GMO

Inlägg av Nemesis » lör 08 nov 2014, 22:31

Nu kommer Bill Nye ut som anti-GMO. Han blir dock uppläxad av Jerry Coyne:
Jerry Coyne skrev:The fear of GMOs is like creationism: an unfounded belief based not on facts, but on a form of faith: genetically unmodified food is better. Yes, GMOs vary in their efficacy and in the profits they make for Big Agro, but there’s no doubt that thousands of lives can be saved by adopting a GMO like golden rice. And, after all, breeders have been doing a form of genetic engineering for centuries, by outcrossing plants or animals to others to incorporate desired genes.

Message to Bill Nye: creationism doesn’t kill kids; dissing GMOs, as you have done, can. If you really care about using science to improve human welfare on this planet, then for God’s sake look up the data on GMOs and use your influence in a positive way. Stroking your chin is not helping!
"… all the data shows that most people are not influenced by rational arguments. They're influenced by social pressure. … That's just the human condition, and we just have to acknowledge it and accept it." - Steven Novella

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