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How Resource Shortages Sparked Egypt's Months-Long Crisis

Postat: tis 20 aug 2013, 23:49
av NeuraltNätverk ... is/278802/
Underlying growing instability is the Egyptian state's increasing inability to contain the devastating social impacts of interconnected energy, water and food crises over the last few decades. Those crises, already afflicting other regional states like Yemen and Syria, will unravel prevailing political orders with devastating consequences--unless urgent structural transformation to address those crises becomes a priority. The upshot is that Egypt's meltdown represents the culmination of long-standing trends that, without a change of course, can only escalate with permanent repercussions across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and beyond.
Jag har alltid sagt detta. Egypten kommer aldrig känna frid. Det gäller resten av Mellanöstern också.