koranen utmanar vetenskap

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koranen utmanar vetenskap

Inlägg av Arios » lör 17 okt 2020, 11:34

en bok med titel " Koranen utmanar dagens vetenskap " som man kan beställa i biblioteket "handlar om vetenskap mirakel i koranen "..
mycket sånt trams sprides av islamister för att dra till sig folk . hur kommer det sig att ingen tar debatt för att stoppa dessa.
tar bibliotekvad som helst, har de inget ansvar eller hur funkar det ...?

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Re: koranen utmanar vetenskap

Inlägg av Nemesis » lör 17 okt 2020, 16:22

Påståenden om att Koranen överensstämmer med moderna vetenskapliga rön trots att boken kommer från en tid då ingen visste om det och att det därmed bevisar det gudomliga ursprunget torgförs mest på internet. Det finns även gott om argument mot dessa påståenden på internet. Ett axplock:
Cosmology and the Koran: A Response to Muslim Fundamentalists

Muslim Fundamentalists are fond of claiming that the Koran miraculously predicted the findings of modern science, and that all of its factual scientific claims are flawless. There are two important objections to this claim that I will make, one pointing to a general problem, the other a specific example of the failure of the claim. The tactic in general has also been criticized by Muslim intellectual Imran Aijaz (see part 2 of "Evidentialist Apologetics in Islam) and I have criticized other examples of it elsewhere
Islamic Science: Does Islamic literature contain scientific miracles?

Over the last decade growing numbers of Muslims have declared the Qur'an to be a book filled with alleged scientific miracles. Numerous web sites, books and videos have been produced that proclaim Islam to be truly a religion of divine origin, citing "scientifically accurate" statements in the Qur'an and Hadiths.
The Koran Predicted the Speed of Light? Not Really.

There is no end to the strange things Muslim Fundies will claim. A new one is in A New Astronomical Quranic Method for The Determination Of The Greatest Speed Cby Dr. Mansour Hassab-Elnaby. There are hundreds of bogus arguments like this on the web (or at least were when I wrote this). But one need only see how bogus one or two are to see it isn't worth bothering investigating any more (see, for example, my other essay: Cosmology and the Koran: A Response to Muslim Fundamentalists, 2001). I guess this is the shotgun strategy--make so many wild claims that skeptics couldn't possibly rebut them all for shear lack of time, and claim victory.
Notera att dessa artiklar är ungefär två decennier gamla. Det verkar inte ha hänt så mycket inom detta område sedan dess. Tar ett bibliotek in skräplitteratur som förespråkar nonsens om Koranens påstådda vetenskaplighet så är det bara att beklaga.

Som ett sidospår till detta, kan även rekommendera artikeln nedan, som applicerar samma textkritiska analys som ligger bakom dokumenthypotesen på Koranen. Mycket läsvärd, och jag skulle tro att den i stora drag har rätt när det gäller Koranen ursprung. Inte minst för att den muslimska traditionen själv ger stöd för den, då det enligt uppgift fanns flera versioner av Koranen i omlopp innan den tredje kalifen Uthman lät sammanställa en slutgiltig version.
Qur'an: A Work of Multiple Hands?

In the nineteenth century, scholars took an in depth look at the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, which is essentially Judaism's equivalent of the Qur'an. Literary and historical analysis caused these scholars to theorize that the Torah is not a single narrative but a composite of four different source documents cleverly combined in such a way as to appear to be one continuous narrative chronicling the early history of the Hebrew people. The process through which the discovery was made came to be known as Documentary Hypothesis or Higher Criticism, and is credited largely to the nineteenth century historian and Bible scholar, Julius Wellhausen. This theory has since gained greater popularity due to the writings of Richard E. Friedman and others.

In recent years, Muslims, when in discussions with their Christian counterparts on the topic of the Bible versus the Qur'an, have willingly parroted this theory, not fully understanding how scholars came to these conclusions. To the Muslims, the fact that Western scholars had concluded that the Bible is nothing more than variant traditions woven together into a single text was more than enough to invalidate the Bible, and somehow simultaneously validate the Qur'an. What none of these Muslims ever realized was that the same theories could be applied quite easily to the Qur'an as well.
"Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof." - John Kenneth Galbraith

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