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Ethernetkabel för 1000$

Postat: mån 04 nov 2019, 13:35
av kipphebel3
Åherregud! Blindtest? ... net-cable/
However, as I’ve realized through the years of being an audiophile: When it comes to sound… “everything matters.” And those things can’t always be explained succinctly through science – if at all. Thanks to our brain, our sensibilities as human beings are very complex. Consequently, this makes it difficult for one to measure how one sees, tastes, feels, smells, and hears. We could use technology to guide us, but it isn’t capable of defining us.

Re: Ethernetkabel för 1000$

Postat: tis 05 nov 2019, 16:24
av DK

Audiofiler är nästan värre än astrologer.